Women and children in Germany

Here in Germany, women and children are under special protection. It is absolutely not allowed to hit or harm them in any way. Children and women have the same rights as grown up men. The constitutional rights, like freedom of personality or the right of human dignity, apply to them, too.

Women are allowed to do everything a man can do. They are allowed to vote, work or go outside without the protection of a man. They can wear whatever they want and behave like they want. They are allowed to choose the job and religion they like and to fall in love with whoever they like. It is not allowed to force a woman to do something – it is not allowed to force anyone to do something. If a woman doesn’t want, you can’t force her wanting it.

All children have to go to school. The school attendance starts with the age of six to seven years and lasts for at least nine years. They have to visit all lessons they are meant to. If they are sick or otherwise can’t go to school, parents have to call the school and tell them that the child can’t come because of sickness (or something else).

I’m going to repeat myself – children and women have the same rights as grown up men. If they are harmed, they are allowed to go to the police and to make a complaint. Trust me, the police absolutely doesn’t see the fun of hitting a woman or a child or harming them in any other way. It is not your right as a man to do this, neither in public nor at home.